Photo courtesy of Community of Christ Archives

Mark Forscutt (1834-1903)
Mark Forscutt travelled hundreds of miles on missions to share the gospel of Christ, including as far away as England and Tahiti. In 1876, he traveled 2,500 miles, attended 229 meetings, spoke 207 times, baptized 51 people and confirmed 34 all during a six month period. Mark's enduring legacy is in his sharing the gospel through his hymns. He authored Heavenly Father We Adore Thee, Met in thy Sacred Name, O Lord, and the tune to Blest be Thou O God of Israel. He also served as the Dean of Students at Graceland College and as Editor for the Saints' Herald. Mark was a dear friend to Joseph Smith III and the Smith family for many years. Perhaps his sincere friendship was why Joseph Smith III invited Mark to deliver the sermon at his mother's (Emma Smith) funeral in Nauvoo, Illinois, in 1879.