P r e s e r v a t i o n    P r o j e c t s 

Preserving our heritage sites for present and future generations is an enormous task. Beyond repair and maintenance of historic structures, resources are required for everything from landscaping to signage. Learn more about how the Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation is making a difference.
Kirtland Temple
The year 2007 saw the dedication of the new Kirtland Temple Visitor and Spiritual Formation Center, made possible as a direct result of a $5 million capital campaign spear-headed by the CCHSF. This success is only one of the many projects we've helped finance to preserve the temple.
 Joseph Smith Historic Site
The Joseph Smith Historic Site occupies 40 acres of Nauvoo, Illinois, including Joseph Smith's Red Brick Store, the Mansion House, the Homestead, the Nauvoo House and the Smith Family Cemetery. Maintaining and improving the JSHS is an enormous undertaking. 
Plano Stone Chuch
The Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation funded a major preservation study that will guide our maintenance and restoration efforts for years to come. Help us to implement the study's recommendations.
Liberty Hall
We are committed to maintain and repair this historic structure and to continue to upgrade the grounds, signage and to provide other interpretative support for our guides.
Heritage Plaza
We are committed to maintain the Flournoy House, the F.M. Smith Study, and the Luff House, as well as the grounds and signage of Heritage Plaza in Independence.