E d u c a t i o n a l    R e s o u r c e s
History Activities for Children
A combination of short stories, work sheets, and lesson plans for today's active youth. The resources are designed for families, youth programs, and Sunday school instructors interested in sharing church heritage.
Mission Initiatives Stories
Discover the many examples in church history where members of the early church were living and practicing the Mission Initiatives. 

Pilgrimage to the Kirtland Temple
A new resource designed for individuals and congregations interested in exploring the relationship between spiritual disclipline and church heritage. 

Heritage Day Service
Each year, Community of Christ celebrates church heritage in "Heritage Day" worship service held the third Sunday in September. Click the "learn more" link to discover a number of educational and worship resources available to assist you and your congregation celebrate "Heritage Day." 

Hymn Festivals
A celebration of our history as the "Singing Saints" with several historic hymn festivals that capture the life and times of the early church. The resources are designed for congregations, classes, music programs, and individual enjoyment.
Worship Resources
Testimonies, biographical sketches, and stories that will help enhance any worship experience. Whether at an evening gathering, prayer and testimony service, or a weekly Sunday morning worship, the brief readings are designed to help create a "heritage moment" for you and your congregation. 
Sesquicentennial Giants
A favorite exhibit among World Conference attendees in April 2010. This exhibition features a diverse collection of Community of Christ leaders from the past 150 years. The "Giants" collection, as well as individual leaders, are available for exhibit in your area.
Joseph Smith III: Our 'Pragmatic Prophet'
A collection of fifteen weekly lesson plans that help share the fascinating biography of a man who led the Community of Christ for over half a century (1860-1914).
Our Elect Lady: Lesson Plans on the Extraordinary Life of Emma Hale Smith 
Similar to the Joseph Smith III educational resource, the Emma lesson plans capture the age old story of Emma Hale Smith. Her life was filled with triumphs and tragedies, powerful life lessons, and meaningful examples of grace, generosity, and sacrifice. Each of the twenty-two weekly lesson plans include stimulating discussion questions, class activities, and meaningful reflections on how our "Elect Lady's" story continues to speak to us today.
The Forum
Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation's exciting semi-annual newsletter. The Forum features stories of people experiencing the power of Community of Christ heritage, volunteers serving at the historic sites, community and youth programs, and the significant impact of your generous contributions towards the preservation of our historic sites.
Celebrate the Kirtland Temple 175th Anniversary!
You may now experience the 175th anniversary of the Kirtland Temple dedication all year long! A video of the March 27, 2011 service is available online. Click here to listen to President Veazey's powerful address and to hear the stories behind Kirtland's historic hymns. Click here to view photos of the 175th anniversary weekend in Kirtland.