Sesquicentennial Giants 

The life-size photographs of historic church leaders displayed during World Conference (April 2010) are now traveling across the United States. Like the historic leaders themselves, we simply cannot limit them to a single time and place. Below you will find a collection of church "Giants" available for exhibit in your area.

We invite you to reproduce the images below in a poster and/or life-size image. A small fee applies for use of the image. If you are interested in exhibiting the "Giants" display at your reunion and/or mission center event, contact Lachlan Mackay, Historic Sites Coordinator, for pricing and copyright information.

Click on the images below to send an immediate e-mail request for copyright and pricing information. Click on the names below to download an exhibit label for each sesquicentennial Giant:

Oscar and Hubert Case Cecil Ettinger Roy Cheville 

F. Henry Edwards   Mark Hills Forscutt   Irby Mundy   Phillip Cook


Charles Neff   Arthur Oakman  David Hyrum Smith Emma Hale Smith

Joseph Smith III  Marietta Walker   Sunday Charlie Akpan Kathryn Westwood 

Sarah E. Wight  William Taft Blue  W. W. Blair  Jason W. Briggs 
George Graves Zenas Gurley, Sr.  Catherine Kelley  William Marks
Amy Robbins John Blumenschein  Geoffrey Spencer  Elizabeth Denman

 J. J. Cornish Glaud Rodger   Gomer T. Griffiths  Clifford Cole

Esme Smith   Frederick M. Smith