Activities for Children
A combination of short stories, work sheets, and lesson plans for today's active youth. The resources are designed for families, youth programs, and Sunday school instructors interested in sharing church heritage.

Click on the links below to download the resources as a PDF file.

Short Stories:
Cassie Kelley Saves the Day! A colorful story about a woman who helped save the Kirtland Temple during an 1880's bell tower fire. The children's story is based on a true story from the life of Catherine Kelley.
A Family Journey on the Uncle Toby: A treasured story about Emma and her five children as they depart their beloved home in Nauvoo for a new life in Fulton, Illinois travelling on a riverboat named "Uncle Toby."
Coloring Pages:
Kirtland Temple: Color the original colors on the Kirtland Temple. Imagine a red roof, sparkling blue walls, and olive-green doors!
Early Church Seal: Discover one of the earliest church seals proclaiming peace
Joseph Smith III's Liberty Hall: Imagine the front yard filled with activity as church members and Lamoni friends visited the Smith family
Plano Stone Church: Once the vibrant headquarters for the Community of Christ from 1866-1881.
Emma and Joseph's Mansion House: Imagine all the people that Joseph and Emma hosted in their Mansion House and Hotel
F.M. Smith Study: A place of peace for President Frederick Madison Smith
Search and Find:
Lower Court of the Kirtland Temple: Compare two historic photographs and search for the differences between the two images 
Joseph Smith's Red Brick Store: Compare two modern images of the sales floor at the Red Brick Store in Nauvoo, Illinois
Crossword Puzzles:
Historic Women of the Community of Christ: A list of significant women who made a difference in the Community of Christ
Historic Presidents of the Community of Christ: An excercise that explores the many presidents of the Community of Christ
Discover Heritage Plaza: Information about the Fred M. Smith Study and Flournoy House, two treasured historic sites in the heart of Independence, Missouri. The information will assist students as they work on the crosswords below.
Fred M. Smith Study: An activity based on a small brick building used by President Fred M. Smith as a retreat and quiet study.
Flournoy House: A crossword connected to one of the oldest houses in Independence, Missouri and traditional spot where early church leaders purchased the 63.3 acres of farmland known today as  the "Temple Lot Property."
Maze Solving:
School at the Kirtland Temple: Help the students get to school on time! Two mazes designed for young and old students
Moving to Kirtland, Ohio: Converts travelled to Kirtland by wagon, sled, and boat. This maze activity explores the many ways early converts relocated to Kirtland, Ohio
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